Our Solution

TWIN System

TWIN is a powerful sensor-data-collection and actuator-driver system: It is able to collect data from thousands of sensors over kilometer distances and push them to the cloud. User input takes the reverse way ending in actuators driven at the site of the sensors.

TWIN’s new and unique approach provides sensors inside the cable, encapsulated under a protective metal hull. At its core is our Computer-In-Cable-Technology™.

In the CAD drawing, the TWIN node with LED output. The metal hull is shown transparent. The temperature sensor is under the hull.

TWIN is specially designed for asset monitoring in the infrastructure domain and can withstand harsh environmental conditions. Among TWIN’s new and exciting features are:

To these powerful features, add the advantages resulting from the integrated approach: industrial-grade reliability and quality. TWIN systems are therefore easy to maintain, document, extend and repair. No loose or moving parts are required.

The non-compromising interface to the internet enables remote configuration and maintenance.

TWIN is a game changer, enabling solutions for many problems, which are not feasible with conventional technology.


TWIN is approaching production readiness, provided for 2017Q1. Currently, we have three applications in the product development pipeline:

For system integrators and solution providers, the integrated approach of TWIN bears the chance for innovation in the domains of predictive maintenance, access control, safety and security and asset monitoring.

It is our interest to collaborate with the industries to realize innovative solutions in the fields of ...

infrastructure, transport, logistics, ...

traffic- & parking management, ...

oil & gas, utilities, ...

mining (e.g. conveyor belts), ...
... and there might be other ideas you have in mind.

Please contact us if you need more information or if you would like to evaluate and test TWIN. We are looking forward to collaborating with your business development team and having TWIN challenged against other technologies.

Download the presentation “TWIN and RADICOS” (PDF EN 1.3 MB)